6 Essential Vitamins & Minerals For Children [An Infographic]

6 Essential Vitamins & Minerals For Children [An Infographic]

Every parent want their children to be healthy and happy. Giving a healthy diet is essential for over all development of children. Deficiency of these essential nutrients can result in various problems. Here is an infographic created by Surman Sansthan NGO illustrating 6 Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Children along with their benefits, sources and deficiency results.

Clearly, it is necessary to identify specific nutritional needs for children and include it in their diet. There are still a lot of children who are not getting one time meal. Always consult a doctor for a healthy diet chart for your kid.

                      6 Essential Vitamins & Minerals For Children Infographic SurmanSansthan

1. Vitamin A:

·         Benefits - Stimulate normal growth, development of tissues and bone repair. Healthy skin, eyes, strong immune system.

·         Sources - Milk, Cheese, Eggs, Carrots, Yams, and Squash.

·         Deficiency - Liver Disorders, Night Blindness, Dry Skin and Frequent Infections.


2. Vitamin B:

·         Benefits - Producing Energy, and Healthy Circulatory and Nervous Systems.

·         Sources - Nuts, Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Beans, and Soybeans.

·         Deficiency - Weakness and Fatigue, Nerve Damage, Feeling Short Of Breath and a Bit Dizzy.


3. Vitamin C:

·         Benefits - Promotes Healthy Muscles, Connective Tissue, and Skin.

·         Sources - Citrus Fruit, Strawberries, Kiwi, Tomatoes, and Green Vegetables like Broccoli.

·         Deficiency - Tissues  Start Breaking Down And Health Recovery Of Your Body Get Affected, Cardiovascular Problems


4. Vitamin D:

·         Benefits - Promotes Bone And Tooth Formation And Helps The Body To Absorb Calcium.

·         Sources - Milk, Oranges, Cheese, Some Mushrooms, Cereals, Cheese, Butter, Sunlight.

·         Deficiency - Bone Pain And Muscle Weakness, Low Blood Level, Rickets, Cognitive Impairment, Severe Asthma In Children


5. Calcium:

·         Benefits - Supports Bones & Teeth Growth, Healthy Nervous System, Muscle Function.

·         Sources - Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Broccoli, Fruit Juices, Tofu, Milk Products

·         Deficiency - Muscle Cramps , Bone Fractures, Numbness, Tingling Sensations, Poor Appetite, Achiness In The Bones


6. Iron:

·         Benefits - Builds Muscle Essential For Blood Production , Hemoglobin, Enzymes, and Red Blood Cells (RBC’s)

·         Sources - Dark Green Vegetables, Dried Fruit, Baked Beans, Lentils and Kidney Beans Spinach.

·         Deficiency – Anemia, Poor Appetite, Decreased Immune Function, Headaches, and Slow Weight Gain.


NOTE: Please consult a doctor for the proper diet as per child health & needs.

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6 Essential Vitamins & Minerals For Children [An Infographic]

6 Essential Vitamins & Minerals For Children [An Infographic]

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