Manan Chaturvedi: A Unique Personality Journey On A Path Called Surman (Surman Sansthan NGO India)

Manan Chaturvedi: A Unique Personality Journey On A Path Called Surman (Surman Sansthan NGO India)

Surman Sansthan saw the day of light after the long cherished desire and ideology of the founder, Ms. Manan Chaturvedi, ultimately took a structural shape.

Ms. Manan Chaturvedi, a living legend, as called by people, who have closely observed her journey, her unprecedented energy level & thought process was born in Uttar Pradesh on 17thNovember, 1973. Her schooling was from Tagore Public School & college from Maharani College, Jaipur. She did her Fashion Designing course from Delhi. A  Fashion designer by qualification, but her creative stint in the field related to ART in all its forms, makes her a unique personality, truly blessed with God’s gift of visualizing things beyond the obvious.

She has the true heart of an artist, since her birth. She grew up as an independent individual. She realized that her long carried feelings since childhood regarding the deprived and Special Children has resulted in surfacing a very loving motherly feeling towards everyone who she came across in her life. She cultivated her thoughts and zeroed down to the fact that she is born for a cause and started up a movement called Surman.

She is mother to 95 children and constantly spreading love and hope in society. No one including her parents, thought even in their  wildest dreams that they are nurturing a child who will one day become the rarest of human beings, who will devote her entire life to the cause of humanity, spreading love, peace and happiness, for all those who are deprived and are labelled as destitute in this world. Manan’s way of expressing her thought using creative paintings, writings, unorthodox stage shows and short films, truly shows that an artist, as a creative individual, can bring colour to all aspects of the journey called LIFE



As rightly put in words, big and sound buildings are built only if the foundation is strong. The concise story about how the foundation of Surman got laid down on some vibrant thoughts that builds a great organization.

As recollected by Manan Chaturvedi, founder of Surman:

“Ever since her child hood she wanted to be happy and use to search for ways to keep her family members and friends happy. In the same quest she use to interact a lot with people of all age groups and use to ask a lot of questions. She realized very late that she enjoys the moment she spent teaching the children of her servant the most, during her entire day and the second best moments were spent interacting with anyone who came to their house for begging or asking for help.

Being a nature lover the one thing that always came to her mind was how the clouds showered rainwater on all barren land and converted it into lush green fields and how a miracle should happen to eradicate all problems of the needy people.

The turning point in her life came during her visit to Bombay. She was enjoying her moments with her parents at the Juhu beach, riding a horse, when she saw a small boy selling balloons. She like other child wanted all those balloons, which her parents bought her and she flew them in air. The little boy was pretty happy to have sold all those balloons, but was looking utterly amazed when they were let loose in the sky. His looks left her thinking about the state of mind of that boy. She stepped down from the horse and spent the rest of her day thinking about the boy. It really was troubling her that why at the same age, she was capable of buying things for her happiness and that boy was selling those balloons for his livelihood, why can’t he also enjoy like her and be happy. These thoughts kept on haunting her for few days and then went into some corner of her mind as a daunting memory.

She grew up with the foot prints of such small memories and completed her course in Fashion designing and after that she got married. Her passion towards life kept on growing with age. The real loving moment came when she was expecting her first baby, emotions were running at all-time high and she was waiting for that wonderful moment to come by counting the days. Fate however had something else written for her, the baby never saw the light of the day and expired. This incident propelled her into heavy mental trauma and complete emotional breakdown. After slight recovery from medication, she started searching for the happiness in every child she came across. More so in the destitute children she saw on the road side, railway stations, bus stations and hospitals.


Here first tryst with confidence building happened at her sweet home, where she used to be all alone for days together after her hubby use to go out for work. Her house was shared by a sparrow that use to come in the evening and stayed till morning. Just to protect the sparrow from getting hurt she used to keep her fan off till the time that sparrow use to stay there. One fine evening a visitor came and in ignorance he started the fan that killed, the only mate of hers.
That night she discovered that there are two chicks living in the nest and waiting for their mother to come. She decided than to do everything possible to save them and started caring for them in her own way. She made them comfortable, fed them & protected them, always praying to God that they should live. She got the success for her hard work and the chicks survived and grew and finally flew away, but they left behind a different but confident Manan.


She found a reason in her life and aimed for helping all those children who need the help of someone for survival, upbringing and care. She started up on ad hoc basis when she found one baby girl in the slum areas the of railway station and adopted her. That small step is now a big cause in the form of Surman Palna (A home for Destitute and deprived women and children).



Let’s stop all lengthy planning, deep thinking, and ideological search and leave behind all worries about success and failure. Take a deep breath and now look at the world around – things will look beautiful, calm & comfortable. Whatever you have, distribute it with your brothers and sisters. Just think how many children die because of malnutrition, lack of medical aid and proper shelter. SURMAN PALNA came into existence as a result of a feeling for such kids that came in mind & touched its founder Manan,

As per her words:

“Whenever I look in the society and see many orphan and destitute children with whom people show sympathy but few dare to come out with the courage to provide them food, shelter, education and medical facilities, I am reminded of flowers of the bougain villaea (Bougainvillea glabra), planted near boundary walls as a fence no one plants them in their drawing room”.

In SURMAN PALNA we are committed to rehabilitate every child who has been labelled as orphan and destitute. We are proud to announce that our family has grown to 95 in just 13 years’ time. In our family there are 77 school going kids and rest are the infants and toddlers enjoying the most beautiful phase of the life with their mother Manan.



SURMAN is in constant endeavour of forming a unique family, where every member is blessed with happiness & new hopes for a glittering future and sense of responsibility for becoming a good human being.

In this quest to touch base each in every aspect of the society, we have taken small steps for all those labelled as deprived, orphans and destitute in the society.

Our efforts that can be seen as projects are:


Under the Flagship of Surman the various projects that have seen the day of light and running smoothly are:   

PALNA (A Home)

An initiative by Surman Family, where we have started up home for orphan & destitute children, of all age groups, where they live in one house as a family. They get all what a child deserve

  • Parents, brothers & sisters
  • Education
  • Place to unleash their creativity – Required thrust to master their skills in sports, music & art
  • A routine life like any other child who is blessed with a genetic family
  • A vision for career and basic ethical ground to become a good human being

Koshish (A Sincere Try):

Another initiative by Surman Family, to become a shelter place for all women who are deprived of their normal life and those who have seen life in its darker side. They are incorporated in the family and playing well appreciated roles of caretakers/mausees, with their children getting all what they deserve as a child.

Surman has 11 women members in the family who joined Surman Family under  the project Koshish.

Jeevan (Life): 

A distress call from two helpless parents, pleading for support in the treatment of their child gave birth to another initiative called JEEVAN. We started temporary adoption of the children needing medical aid and whose parents are not in position to bear the cost. We provide all financial and medical help to such children for undergoing complete medical treatment, in association with an elite and passionate team of doctors, who contribute their bit to the society by helping in their own way of providing free or self-subsidized services.

Surman has adopted 13 such children, who had to undergone surgery / long treatments.

Phulwari (A Garden):

Another initiative taken by Surman family aiming at the possible contribution in the slum areas of city. We cannot fill the gap between the two extremes of  society – with some people having everything and who are fighting each day for their survival, but we can surely bring smiles on some of the faces by helping them with

  • Adequate clothing
  • Getting Education
  • Medical Aid
  • Having a desired meal once a while
  • Spending some happy moments with them brings a smile on their face.

Surman has been able to bring light of education in the lives of over more than 50 kids from the slum area. Our committed team is all set to keep on spreading the much required education in these areas.

Tapasya (Penance):

It is an effort by Surman family to extend helping hand to the single parents in getting their kids educated. Surman has been successful in supporting some kids by way of sponsoring their education.

Mission Impossible

On the Spot Creative Painting

Manna Chaturvedi is phenomenal in her efforts to achieve the impossible for the destitute she loves beyond measure. In her relentless fight to raise funds to provide all the necessity for her adapted family she will tax herself to do the impossible.

She has painted for 72 hours at Statue Circle, Jaipur from 29th December 2013 to 1st January, 2013.

Ajmer City for 24 hours.                                                         Vrindavan – 24 hours

Jodhpur – 24 hours.                                                               Udaipur – 24 hours.

Ahmedabad – 24 hours.                                                         Mount Abu – 24 hours.

Rajkot – 24 hours.                                                                  Jaipur – 24 hours

Bikaner – 24 hours on 2nd March,2014                                  Vadodara – 24 hours

Kota – 24 hours

Manna Maa paints non-stop without partaking any food. When she paints she is like a person driven by a unknown power that helps her to achieve the impossible! All proceedings from the sale of the paintings goes towards her efforts to keep the Homeless and the Destitute off the streets.

Magazine Publishing & Writing

Manan Maa writes articles, poetry and random thoughts in her magazine “Bougain Villaea”. All sale proceedings go towards the same noble cause.

She also stages Stage Shows, produces and directs Short Films based on social issues. All proceedings go to the same cause.

“All human beings on this earth, who have the slightest love for humanity are invited to join hands with MANAN, a name for a movement in this modern world that has rock hard determination for eradicating all the pain and sorrow present in this world without expecting a return for all their good deeds in this life”!

Information About Surman Sansthan:

Name :                                              Surman Sansthan

Status :                                             Non Government Organization (NGO)

Official Address: 

Registered office:                           130, Patel Nagar, Jhotwara, Jaipur-302012, India

Admin Office:                                   Balaji Apartment, A-35, Nemi Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur (302021), Rajasthan, India                             

Child Helpline                                  +91 98280 31708, 98293 22232,

Email ID:                                   







Manan Chaturvedi: A Unique Personality Journey On A Path Called Surman (Surman Sansthan NGO India)

Manan Chaturvedi: A Unique Personality Journey On A Path Called Surman (Surman Sansthan NGO India)

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