8 Reasons To Give To A Charity in India [An Infographic]

8 Reasons To Give To A Charity in India [An Infographic]

Many people want to help people in need but not everyone is aware of the ways to do so. Some think I don’t have enough money, how could I contribute but every contribution matters. A 100 Rs donation might feel small to you but for a charity organization collectively such small contributions can help improve the life of needy people.

There are various ways you can help a charity apart from giving money via volunteer work such as free education, hobby classes, teaching art and craft, health checkups, gifts and much more. A lot of Non Profit Organizations provide such opportunities for volunteer work and Surman Sansthan NGO in Jaipur, India is one such organization.


We live in our homes and try to make it as good as possible. Same way we live in a society and thus it’s our responsibility to give our contribution in making things better.

You might have heard of donations and charities but have you ever experienced it? Donating to charity not only makes you feel good and gives inner peace but it can also help you strengthen your personal values.

A lot of people in the society are already donating to charities and helping improve the lives of people in need. There can be positive effects in your live too after giving to charity.

There are lot of charities in India working on different causes. Some charities are focused on working on one social cause and some on more than one. It’s your personal choice and matter of interest on what social cause you would like to contribute to. Donate to the cause you love to and make a social impact.

So, let’s take a closer look at 8 reasons to donate to a charity in India of your choice:

         4 Reasons to Donate to Charity in India Infographic SurmanSansthan NGO

1. Feel Good:  

Giving back makes you feel good as you are helping those who are in need. By donating for a social cause in the society you can experience inner peace and happiness.

2. Personal Values: 

Everyone has their own personal values in life and it comes with its own sense of duty to people. Giving to a charity helps strengthens your personal values. Giving to charity is treat to self for some people.

3. Kindness in Children: 

Children learn from their surroundings, family and most from their parents. It’s you who can inculcate good values in them. Make your children realize, how it feels by helping someone in need. This way they can learn to donate and can help in making the world a better place. Celebrating their birthday’s in an orphanage or celebrating your special occasions with those in need are some of the best ways to teach them social values and gift of giving.

4. Help in Different Causes:

There are a lot of charities working in different areas – child welfare, women welfare, old age welfare, animal welfare, youth welfare and much more. Every month you can contribute your money for a different cause or social issue in the society as per your wish.      

5. Earn Respect:

Donations to charities can help you earn respect from a lot of people – family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, people in the organization you are donating to etc. Supporting to a charity is good for every business be it small or a large business. Companies can earn respect and establish a good reputation by giving back to the society via donations and charity work. If your company donates to charity then your earn respect from your employees as well as your customers. A lot of businesses are already doing it.

6. Become a Motivator:

By donations and celebrations with people in need, you can become a motivator for others. Together we all can make the world a better place of love and peace. When you donate many people get inspired from you and start giving back to the society.

7. Make New Connections:

Giving to charity is a very good way of networking. You can make connections to like-minded people that share similar interests as you. You never know when you can establish some good business contacts with people sponsoring the same charity organization. Extend your business reach by sponsoring in a charity event or function etc.

8. Tax Deduction:

Get reduction in tax by giving donations to NGO's. A business also get tax deductions for charitable contributions.

You can start giving today. Every donation makes an impact whatever it is. Even a small contribution collectively from all can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Donate Now! If you want to help in child welfare work in India. 

Surman Sansthan works for child welfare in India and there are various programs for different purpose named as:

Surman Palna




Surman Home

Jeevan (Life Line)

You Can Donate For Children In Need in India Now!

Have you ever contributed for a social cause in India or any other country? Please share in comments.

8 Reasons To Give To A Charity in India [An Infographic]

8 Reasons To Give To A Charity in India [An Infographic]

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