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Koshish (A Sincere try)


Another beautiful initiative by Surman Sansthan & Manan (Maa) is for abandoned and widow women; Surman wants to become a shelter/home for all women who are deprived of their normal life and those who have seen life in its darker side (e.g : Domestic Violence, Dowry, Prostitution, Sexual abuse, Beggars etc.). They are incorporated in the family and playing well appreciated roles of Caretakers/Mausees, with their children getting all what they deserve as a child. We also educate them as illiteracy breeds ignorance and their vulnerability to get exposed to Abuse, Suppression & Exploitation thus we try to break cycle of Poverty, Social Norms, Myths and Social evils. Studies done in developing countries has shown that a literate female population is linked to reduction in population growth rate also.

Surman Sansthan has 11 women members in the family who joined the Surman Parivar under Project Koshish.