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Child Welfare Projects to Support Children Rights in India by Surman Sansthan

Surman Sansthan is an Indian Non-Profit Organization working for child welfare in India. Established in the year 1998, Surman Sansthan is a well-known child & women NGO in India. The members and volunteers of the NGO are working to bring a positive change in the lives of children in need through various Child Rights projects/campaigns started by the organization.

Over the years the NGO has conducted various activities and campaigns in India to spread awareness among the society. Many volunteers and organizations have provided a helping hand via donations, contributions & participations in the Surman NGO programs & projects.

You can also support the NGO in the noble cause by volunteering, donation or sponsoring a child education program. Your one step can help children in need live better lives.

Children's Rights Projects Of Surman Sansthan

The child welfare projects initiated by the Surman Sansthan NGO are on education, healthcare, shelter, livelihood and women empowerment in India. Surman Home is a complete family where children live without any discrimination of caste creed or religion. They are all together a happy Surman Family.

Education is important for every children as they are the future of the nation. Not every child is fortunate enough to get the facility of education because some or other reason. Together our small steps can make a big change in such children life. We can give them gift of education. Education empowers these children so that they can become a responsible and good citizen of the society and can earn their livelihood. We provide better health and nutrition facilities to the children in our home so that they can live healthy.

The Child Welfare Project of surman sansthan NGO protects children's rights in India. There are four major project of the organization namely Palna, Tapasya, Koshish & Phulwari.

How Surman Sansthan Help Children in Need

Palna s: An initiative that the Surman Family have taken where we have started up home for orphan and destitute children of the society.
Tapasya: It is an effort by the Surman family to extend helping hand to the kids needing financial help for education in India.
Koshish : An initiative by Surman Family, to become a shelter for all women who are deprived of their normal life.
Phulwari : Another initiative taken by Surman family aiming at the possible contributions in the slum areas of Jaipur city.