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Tapsya (Penance)


It is an effort by the Surman Sansthan and Manan (Maa) to extend helping hand to the kids needing financial help for education. We cannot fill the gap between the two extremes of society- with some people having everything and other fighting each day for the survival, but we can surely bring smiles on some of the faces by helping them.

Education is both means as well as the end to a better life because it empowers an individual to earn livelihood and the end because it’s increases once awareness on a range of issues from healthcare to appropriate social behavior to understand one’s right and in the process evolve as a better citizen.

Whether we are addressing Healthcare, Poverty, Population Control, Child Labor, Child Abuse, Prostitution, Drug Addiction, Killing of Girl Child, Racial Decimation, Unemployment or Child right, there is no better place to start than in the corridors of education.

Unaware of the benefits of education; Parents in slums do not support their children education as they need boys to work and supplement the insufficient family income and girls to help at home and take care of other young once and make food so that the mother can also work.

In this project we will take care of all basic needs of the children- Food, Clothes, Healthcare, Books, Bags, and Shelter etc.

As education is highly valued and is the only way through which a promising future can be built for the Children.

Educate parents in these slums about the advantage of Education and proper Health Care and convinces them to send their children especially girls to school. We will also educate parents about nutrition and family planning and how to maintain hygiene and prevent disease despite insufficient sanitation facilities at home. We will teach women how to cook nourishing food for their families on a low budget.

Children who are orphans and in Slum areas will also be taken care with camps about education and its benefits in future; they will also be provide with all proper Medical facilities along with food and cloths so that they can concentrate on study and become a better citizen in future.

To make this initiative more effective we have introduced

1. ABL- Activity Base Learning
2. GEP- Group Education Programs
3. PSE- Personal Safety Education
4. IEP- Individual Education Programs

In both the above (Phulwari and Tapasya) Childers below will be taken care off

1. Children in Slums area in and around Jaipur
2. Abandoned/Orphaned Children/ Underprivileged
3. Children who do Begging
4. Children whose rights are violated
5. Children who do labor
6. Children living on Streets
7. Children who do Rag Picking
8. Children who are victims of Child abuse/ Violence/ Exploitation
9. Runaway/ Missing children