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Palna (Bal Ashram)


Palna (Bal Ashram) Orphanage Home in Jaipur, Rajasthan India

A lot of children in our society are homeless. Many don’t have food to eat, no parental care & support. We at Surman Sansthan through our Palna project provide a helping hand to such orphans, deprived and underprivileged children a home to live in. A home where they get good food and education facility and can explore their hidden creative talents. Together all the children live under one roof and the home is better known as Surman Home. You have the chance to offer help to such children when you connect with our surman palna project.

Surman Sansthan - Surman Home is a caring homes for orphan children, destitute kids and deprived children of the society. Surman Palna project aims at providing shelter to such children in need, where they get healthy food, education and unsplash their creativity. At surman home comprehensive aid and care is provided to the underprivileged children of the society who deserve a better life of love and care. In SURMAN PALNA we are committed to rehabilitate every child and make them feel loved in Surman Family. We have children boys and girls of various age groups in our Surman Home.

Palna is an initiative by Surman Parivar (Surman Sansthan) to take care of deprived, underprivileged, below poverty, undernutrition, drug addict, destitute and abandoned children.; where children of all age group irrespective of their caste, creed or religion can live in one house as a family. They should get all that a child deserves.

1. Parents (Manan Chaturvedi, the founder - Maa & Surander Ji - Father), Brothers and Sisters.
2. Education, Free Nutritious Food, Accommodation, Health Awareness, Free Medicines etc.
3. Place to unleash their creativity- Required thrust to master their skills in Sports, Music and Arts (It is used as a way of learning and encouraging the childrens to express themselves).
4. A routine life any other child who is blessed with genetic family.
5. A vision for Career and basic moral ethical ground to become a good human being and a wonderful future citizen of our lovely country India.

Surman PALANA has 34 infants and 94 children as of now.

If you are searching for a child anath ashram in Jaipur, Rajasthan India to do volunteer work or provide a helping hand then do visit Surman Home. Your help in this shelter home for children can make a big.difference in the lives of these innocent children. We want to help as many children as we can and your support help us in making one step forward in our goal. A shelter home for homeless street children and orphan children where they can dreams high and get a chance to accomplishing them with power of education and their talents. Voluntary Work Available. Sponsor a Child, Teach Them, Hobby Classes, Donate Online.