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Memorable Moments

We at Surman make it a point to celebrate all Indian festivals and some international ones to bring a sense of togetherness and family atmosphere


As we want to light up the lives of those in darkness, Diwali the festival of Lights is celebrated with great joy, lighting of diyas, fire works, lots of love, sweets and happiness.

The eyes of the child says- “Colour my World” Surman tries to fill colour in the lonesome eyes. Happy Holi !


Kite festival
The Festival of competition….. Not with others, but with self. Surman teach children to fly high, higher with the kite but stay connected to the earth with the help of the thread of the spinning wheel.

The bond of love motivates and gives the children the family they never had. A sister ties a bracelet on her brother’s hand and prays for his protection.


We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ – the messiah, the savior of Mankind. We celebrate the Christmas with joy, love, and prayer for togetherness and Goodwill at Surman.

We at Surman occasionally take the children out for picnics to bring them close to nature and away
from the monotony of routine life. Nature gives transparency.