Surman Sansthan



Child Labour

In India, as per the Child and Adolescent Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986, amended in 2016 (CLPR Act), a child is said to be a person who comes under the age of 14.

This act states the prohibition of child labor and employment in the country which also includes domestic work. This issue has caused major drawbacks to the country’s economy, as a child due to this cannot access any basic education and also, has to face severe health and emotional issues.

Surman Sansthan has considered this issue and stood upon this. Bhatta Basti a place in Jaipur, we got to know there is huge trafficking of child labor in bangle making taking place there. The incident got us to know, that the child involved in this are in a very pathetic position and not even provided with food.

So, those children don’t feel fatigued, and sleepy while working. We, along with our team and with the help of state police gone for their rescue and successfully rescued many children, some of them brutally injured and weak but hopefully, they are with our Surman family in a healthy and groomed situation.